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Highly relevant for software engineers and engineering managers and useful for those working in tech but want to get out from the rat race and want to work as self employment. Written by software engineer Ankur Tyagi who was previously at big tech and startups.

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  • Career Growth Insights: Dive into a wealth of knowledge focused on advancing your career in tech. From breaking down industry trends to offering tips on skill development, ByteSizedBets provides you with the tools to climb the tech ladder effectively.

  • Writing for Engineers: Explore how effective communication can elevate your career. We demystify the art of technical writing, helping you convey complex ideas with clarity and impact.

  • Making Small Bets on the Internet: Learn how to make calculated, low-risk moves that can lead to significant rewards. Whether it's a side project, learning a new technology, or contributing to open-source, we guide you through making small bets that pay off.

  • Real-world Business Insights: Get an insider's view of running a tech business. Our experiences, challenges, and successes are shared to give you a realistic picture of the entrepreneurial journey in the tech space.

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  • Resource Spotlights: Curated lists of valuable resources, tools, and learning materials to keep you updated and equipped.

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